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Multiple Windows

QuickBooks Online – Open Multiple Windows

“When using QBO, opening multiple windows is a huge time saver and increases productivity. A nice feature with QBs Desktop was being able to toggle back and forth between windows and modules. As people migrated from Desktop to Online, this was a feature greatly missed. However, users are not completely out of luck, there is a simple work around!

You can open multiple windows within the same file by simply duplicating the tab you are currently using with just two steps:

  • Right-click your browser tab
  • Select Duplicate

Now you can navigate through different modules within QBO on two separate tabs and toggle back forth between reports such as your Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss.

Also, if you have a multiple monitor set-up, you can pull one tab out of the window and move it to a different monitor, which allows you to view separate modules at the same time.”