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QuickBooks Online Locations, Classes AND Tags?! What do I use?

The best business decisions come from pertinent business information- there’s now a new option for you to customize your QuickBooks Online to get the right information: Tags!

Sales, expenses, and profitability have been able to be assigned a separate location (i.e. sites or business areas) or a class (i.e. job costing, fund accounting, budgeting).  Both of these are limited to the amount you can customize and label information though.  So QuickBooks Online now offers Tags- customizable labels that you can assign to all, or some, transactions.  They are the flexible tracking that may just give you and your business the pertinent information that you need!

Plus, tags allow you to add more than one to a transaction! So that new sale can list the type of service or product that was offered, the employee who made the sale, and the referral source of it – all in one transaction!

If you’ve been wishing you could pull more pertinent information from your QuickBooks, reach out to us and let us help you design a process that gives you what you’ve been looking for!

Not quite ready to try out tags in your accounting practices? No worries! You can also turn the feature off in your Settings (under the Accounts and Settings for both Sales and Bills/Expenses).